Jens Hachmeister

Deutsche Börse Group
Managing Director
Jens Hachmeister is the Head of Issuer Services and New Digital Markets at Deutsche Börse AG and a member of the Clearstream Management Board. After completing a banking apprenticeship and a degree in business administration, he began his career as a management consultant at KPMG before joining Xetra Market Development at Deutsche Börse AG in June 2000. As Head of Operations and Infrastructure Development in the Xetra division, Jens was part of the Management Committee Xetra until January 2009. From mid-April 2010 to December 2015, he was the Chief HR Officer of Deutsche Börse AG and in mid-August 2015, he assumed the newly created role of Chief of Staff to the Group’s CEO. As of April 2018, Jens created the New Digital Markets Area as one of the key pillars of Deutsche Börse’s DLT and blockchain strategy before taking on additional responsibility as Clearstream’s Head of Issuer Services in February 2020.